Sunday, September 13, 2015

Are you NUTS about tailgating?

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Tailgating festivities are all about grilling and grabbing easy bite sized foods and the best way to not feel bogged down after the game is to incorporate healthier snacks and foods.

I am always looking for that easy, healthy and delicious snack especially during the big game. Having young children makes it also necessary to have a variety of healthy as well as child friendly foods.

Here is a quick list of healthy snacks that you can make to cheer on the team: 

Guacamole. Full of healthy fats, a good source of fiber and over 20 vitamins and minerals, avocados make a healthy choice for tailgating events. Remember to eat in moderation and serve with an assortment of raw vegetables along with whole grain chips. 
Overtime with veggies! Lay out your tray of cauliflower and broccoli to resemble a football field. Dip the pieces of veggies in low fat Greek Yogurt dip or guacamole.

Trail mix. A great way to incorporate nuts, seeds and dried fruits for a sweet and savory nutrient rich snack. 
Edamame. Sprinkled with a small amount of sea salt, these pod filled protein and fiber rich snacks make a healthier choice over potato chips. 
Apples and nut butter are a crunchy alternative to cookies or other sweet options. Apples and nut butters are rich in fiber and nutrients.
Make them stackable! You can make salad, fruit and sweet kebabs that all have a healthy twist.

No matter who you are rooting for whether its peewee football to the NFL, tackle some of these healthy snacks at your next gathering. If you needs a few more healthy snack ideas make sure and visit .

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