Saturday, June 25, 2011

Healthy Kids Nutrition Challenges

What is your nutrition challenge at home or at school? What gets in your way the most? Is it grocery shopping, short on time, cooking ideas or skills, picky eater preferences, food allergies...?

Let us know what your challenge is and 2 lucky winners will win: Nutrition Tools That Don't Bite: A Nutrition Toolbox . One winner will be a school and the other a parent (make sure and let us know you are a school if it does not indicate that in your email address).


  1. For me, it's both time and laziness! After a long, hard day it's just easier to pull out the box of mac and cheese. On the days when I can't cook for whatever reason, I often make organic frozen veggies. The kids love them, and it couldn't be easier or quicker.

  2. I need quick & simple healthy recipes. I am not a natural or creative cook - if it wasn't for being a mom, I'd never cook (salads all day)!

  3. As a mom, I struggle with making his fruit/veg choices attractive through the long school week when I only have time to shop on weekends. I think he noticed that Friday is applesauce day!
    As a teacher, I worry about my early adolescent students eating junk and losing steam part way through the day. I am indignant that so many of them do crazy things to make weight for travel sports teams with their parents support/encouragement/pushing them all the way.