Sunday, July 31, 2011

Color free birthday party

This year I was on a quest to make foods that did not have any artificial colors for Olivia's second birthday. I was tired of seeing multi-colored poops when the kids went to the bathroom. The reason I had not ventured into this realm before was, quite honestly, the expense and the inexperience. A friend of mine told me that some red natural food colorings were made from beetles, which also made my stomach a little uneasy. I was also afraid that the cakes would not turn out as cute. I was pleasantly surprised when I made a beautifully colored pink cupcake for Liv's actual birthday party and lavender and pink cupcakes with white polka dots for her birthday party with friends. The products were easy to work with and made from a vegetable base. I found the dyes at Whole Foods and the white sugar sparkle sprinkles at Fresh Market. The icing we used was Cherry Brook Kitchen. I was surprised that even the mainstream vanilla frosting's had artificial food colorings and dyes. Reading the label was an eye opener for all of the products we used for her birthday party. Happy Birthday Olivia! And now on to Jackson's birthday party planning. His cake will be a race car track. Should be a challenge.

Liv loved the cupcakes!! And so did everyone else.

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