Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dehydrated fruit fun

The other day I got inspired to break out a Christmas present that I received from my brother and his fiance. It was a dehydrator. I wanted to show the kids how we could make our own dehydrated fruit and I was also curious about the process and the new machine. The machine was a little intimidating to look at. It has 4 stacking shelves and basically a heater and fan apparatus. Although it appeared intimidating it was super easy and the kids were excited to see what would happen. We chopped up 4 apples, 1 banana and a pint of strawberries and waited for the heater/fan contraption to work. We waited...and waited for 10 hours to reap the benefits of our labor. All of the fruits dehydrated down to make approximately 1 cup of dried fruit. The fruit was delicious but definitely time and energy consuming. It was fun to see the fruits shrink down and I imagine that I will dehydrate fruit and vegetables in the future but I will definitely make sure I am not in a rush!

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