Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Countdown Tip #5

#5 Use Healthy Substitutions

Just because it is a holiday doesn't make it OK to forget about healthy eating. Children will never know the difference if you take away some of the fat or sugar in a meal. Some ideas for streamlining your holiday meal include:

1. Cut back on cream. Substitute 2%, 1% or evaporated milk. Sometimes vegetable or chicken broths can also be substituted depending on the dish.
2. Bake a turkey in a bag seasoned with garlic and herbs over deep frying it.
3.  Substitute quinoa, wild rice or brown rice in stuffing.
4. Make an orange, cranberry, jalapeno, red onion chutney to top your turkey instead of heavy gravy. Click here for the recipe from My
5. Use egg whites instead of the whole egg.
6. Serve poached pears with honey or sorbet for dessert.

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