Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Healthy tips without the media hype

December 6, 2011

It's rare that you might see a commercial for healthy food items, physical activity or childhood hunger campaigns. But you will see commercials for the hottest toys, sugar laden foods and fast food restaurants all of which seem to dampen the holiday spirit.

So just say no... and limit your child's screen time
to 1 hour per day (or less).

On a personal note my family recently got rid of cable. With my husband in the entertainment field cable has been a part of our lives and it has been a difficult adjustment for all of us. It was easy for us to have the children watch TV if we had to work or make dinner or just needed some quiet time.

Although an early Christmas miracle did occur when we turned off cable...the children actually found something else to do!

Take an assessment of how much media your child is exposed to on a daily basis and give them an early Christmas gift by allowing them to find inspiring things to do.

Want more tips for the Christmas gift giving season?
Next week's newsletter will detail some important nutrition related gifts.

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