Friday, January 20, 2012

Activities for kids- Fun Friday Art

Art with Asparagus and Apples
Items needed for art work:
1 apple for 2 children
1 piece of asparagus per child
Art paint
Paper or paper plates
Slice apples in fun shapes. The apples can be halved or thinly sliced. The apples should be dried out facing down on a paper towel, overnight is best. The asparagus does not need any preparation. If the asparagus is wet dry off before painting. Place the apples face (flesh) down into the paint. Spread paint evenly with asparagus and stamp the apple onto the paper. Use the asparagus to draw a bowl, other fruits, lines, circles, a tree or whatever the child desires. Have fun!

Next week we move on to the letter "B" with exciting bean art!
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