Monday, February 6, 2012

Designable changes- Increase your kids healthy foods intake

A few weeks ago my family purchased a new dining room table. Our previous table has been in our family for over twenty years and throughout the years we had gradually lost members of the chair family that accompanied the table. We were down to 3 chairs and a Roley chair from our office. Of course the table had been beautifully colored on with permanent marker by the kids but honestly, this Sharpie surprise was not really working for us.

This new table was like Christmas morning all over again. It was amazing and by far the most beautiful piece of furniture that we own. The kids were ecstatic and could not wait to sit and eat at it. Our son made up "rules for the table" and we all had to abide by them. He even chipped in and offered to clean the table after meals were served. It was a surprising bonus to an already exciting purchase.

Over the course of the last few weeks I felt like the kids have even improved their eating habits since the purchase of the new table. By no means am I insinuating that a new dining room table will solve all the problems in the world concerning improved eating habits, but in our house I am excited to announce that we have seen some slight changes.

So what does this mean for all parents? Maybe just a little change at the dinner table is all that a child needs. A new place mat, a new spoon, fork, cup or colorful plate. Something they could call their own and be considered special to them. Maybe it is time to move out of the baby bowls and plates ( I have plenty of those still left) and give it a try, you might find some surprising changes in your child's eating habits.

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