Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finding success after failure- fueling up healthy kids

Healthy kids have many things to consider when sitting down for a meal. They may be thinking about the last fast food commercial they saw, the fun snack in their friends lunch, or the fight that you had with them to make them more familiar with a healthy vegetable.

Here are some things to remember that will keep you away from the food police stigma:

1. Don't fantasasize about how your kids should eat, make it happen by leading by example. If you want Felicia to eat her greens then make sure you are eating them.
2. Keep focused and expose a child to that green vegetable or that fancy fruit atleast ten times. It might take this long before they finally accept it.
3. Forget about the fairy tale stories your friends(or family) may tell you about how little Freddy eats all his brussel sprouts and broccoli without a complaint. The mission is to expose them to a healthy lifestyle and to try and lead by example. It is a daily test and some days we fail and most days we succeed. It's important to not focus on the failures, per se, such a daunting word, but the successes. Did they atleast glance at the fancy feast without rolling their eyes? Then that is a small success. Good luck!

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