Monday, March 5, 2012

Healthy kids and adults eat breakfast!

Healthy kids are starting the day off right with a full tummy! This week is National Breakfast Week and all across the nation kids and adults will be encouraged to eat breakfast. I admit sometimes it is tough to squeeze a quick breakfast in but during the week it does not have to be fancy, just quick and fun. Here are a few ideas for a quick and healthy breakfast:
1. Yogurt on the go stick
2. Cheese stick, cup of juice and toast
3. Nut butter on toast or apple slices
4. Cereal and milk
5. Trail mix (cereal, pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, dried fruit, nuts and seeds)

Here is a link to Parenting Magazine which has 15 quick and delicious breakfast ideas! Click here.

I do have to admit that sometimes things get hectic in our house and I might forget to give the kids breakfast. Usually they ask if I have not asked first but last week we were walking to school and I just happened to be practicing for a presentation in which I was promoting breakfast and Jackson said "Mom, I did not eat breakfast". :( Yes, even though I was talking about breakfast all morning, I neglected to feed my oldest before school. Fortunately his sister had an extra bag of cereal in the stroller and shared it with him. So I am not perfect but I was happy that at least Jackson knew the difference between breakfast and no breakfast. I have him convinced he does better in school with a full stomach. I think it works :)

This week I challenge you to make sure that the kids (and you the parent or teacher) eats breakfast. If you need help with more breakfast ideas take a look at our - Take Out Recipes- Healthy Kids Edition- Recipe box- There are 8 breakfast idea cards. Click here to see more information.

Have a wonderful, breakfast filled week! And if you do not have our newsletter yet make sure and sign up at . This is a fun month at ABCD Eat Right!

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