Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review: Spriggles and Healthy Kids

For the month of April I have been participating in a Health Activists Writers Challenge and the topic today is a free write! I have the liberty to choose a topic and discuss its importance to my cause. I have not been providing my usual recipes, healthy tips or activity ideas for classrooms so I have decided to do a book review.

I recently received two books
written by Martha and Jeff Gottlieb titled
Spriggles- Motivational Books for Children.

I really loved these books that intricately combined "spirit" and "giggles" in order to motivate young children to choose healthy habits by eating right and staying active.
Each page is illustrated by kid friendly
illustrator Alexander Gottlieb.
Each page touches an important topic for healthy habits. They bring to life animals in a rhyming pattern that presents them at a level that children understand and can learn from.
I enjoyed these books and plan to include them in my
On A Nutrition Mission curriculum coming up in May. If you want to check them out visit for more information on where you can find these books.
You won't be disappointed.

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