Saturday, April 28, 2012

The first time I...

Only 3 posts left in the Health Activists Writers Challenge. Today's topic deals with "the first time".. so here it goes...

The first time I ate guinea pig. Well in all honesty I did not know it was guinea pig. I was in Peru where I had ventured to after graduating college. I was having dinner and was encouraged to try something ethnic and new. They called it "cooey". I don't remember the Spanish translation. This was a true lesson in trying something new. As the flank of guinea pig sat before me cooked in some sauce, skin, hair and all, I truly was not a happy camper. I did poke at it  and tried a very small piece, after lots of adult beverages were consumed.
I will say this was my first and last attempt at guinea pig. It taught me that sometimes trying new things is not as easy as you think; to come up with fun ways for kids to try new foods; and even if this is something that I will never eat again, it gives me an interesting story.

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