Friday, April 20, 2012

Miracle Cure for cancer, diabetes and childhood obesity

Ten days left in the Health Activists Writers Challenge!
Here is the challenge for today.
Write a news-style article on a miracle cure.
What’s the cure?
How do you get the cure?
Be sure to include a disclaimer 

April 20, 2012
Breaking news in the world of cancer, diabetes and childhood obesity. WE FOUND A CURE! After years of research, testing and development the researchers/mama lactavists at La Leche League have discovered the cure for all childhood ailments. Breast milk is the overall cure for all ailments.
Breast milk banks are filling up in order to be ready for this exciting announcement. If a child is unable to be nursed then supplementation by these breast milk banks works just as well. Otherwise all mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their children through at least the first year of life. The World Health Organization recommends through the first two years of life.

Disclaimer: This is only a dream. Although breast milk has been shown to be beneficial for all children, this test has never been done. But wouldn't that be amazing if it was! Natures cure.

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