Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Third person post.. a nutrition memory

She was lost. It had been a year since she graduated college and she wasn't sure where her life was going. She had traveled to Peru and was able to study archeology but knew there was no future in that. Being only 22 years old she started working for her dad selling insurance. This was not something that she had a great desire to pursue even though her dad had a successful business and a lucrative career. So she went back to school to become a nurse. While she was taking her pre-requisites for nursing school she came across the beginners nutrition class and instantly fell in love. At one point she was concerned about her dads diet and supplemental vitamin intake so she visited her professor who was a Registered Dietitian. This professor reviewed her fathers intake and helped solve what could have been a quality of life saving issue. After careful review of the vitamins that were ingested daily it was determined that her dad was taking toxic levels of Vitamin E! This fat soluble vitamin can build up in the system and cause nerve damage. Her father had been having numbing sensations in this extremities but concluded that it was related to his back issues. He stopped taking the Vitamin E and after a month the numbness went away. She was sold...nutrition would be her path.

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