Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Corny Corn...Another "in season" food.

Corn can be seen piling up in the produce aisle this time of the year. My kids get a kick out of shucking the corn by tearing off the outer layers leaving the yellow pearls of sweet corn on the cob. Hands on activities like this, so simple, but make it worth while to take the extra time in hopes of sparking an interest in a new food.

Corn is a good source of fiber, thiamine and folate. Corn is a rich source of carbohydrates and for this reason it is utilized to make corn syrup, a cheaper alternative to sugar. I don't personally like corn syrup in my foods but corn as it comes in nature can be a good addition to the diet. Corn syrup is man made through questionable processes and is devoid of any nutritional value.

There are three kinds of corn: sweet corn, dent corn and flint corn. Sweet corn is the type we see in grocery stores and the one most often consumed by humans. Flint corn is still grown in Central America and is the closest to Maize, the original corn seen in the Americas. Dent corn is typically fed to animals and utilized in various industries.

Some ways I have cooked up corn recently include:
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Fresh corn salad
Corn griddle cakes

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