Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun Snacks Attack! More lunchbox ideas

Still fixated on lunchbox ideas as school enters its second week. Tell me what your favorite is!
How many healthy snacks can you find
in the arrangement above?

This week the focus is on what you can purchase in
the grocery store for quick and healthy snacks.
Yogurt raisins (ears) provide a serving of fruit;
Cliff's Fruit Twists (hair) provide extra fun without the preservatives, additives or colorings, only juice and fruit; Hummus (left eye) is a rich snack that works as an awesome dipping snack; Yogurt with chia seed (right eye) provide calcium, protein and omega-3 fatty acids; Early July peanut butter crackers (nose) are a protein rich and trans-fat free snack; Annie's and Cascadian Farms granola bars (mouth) provides whole grains, fiber, and wholesome ingredients without the colorings and preservatives; Applesauce squeezers (bow tie) provide a serving of fruit in an easy portable pouch.


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