Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grocery Store Games...teaching kids about nutrition.

Grocery Store Games- Having fun at the grocery store can seem like a crazy idea with kids in tow! But in reality you can turn the daunting task of grocery shopping into a fun activity! Scavenger hunts are a fun way to teach your child about healthy nutrition. Some ideas to get you started include: Start the grocery store tour with ideas on two products to look for while you shop. Let them pick a new fruit or vegetable to try. Ask them if they can find anything that starts with the letter "A". How many bunches of Kale can you count? What is the greenest vegetable you see in the store? For older kids ask them to write out a grocery list when you tell them the things that you need. Have fun and remember that the grocery store is a great place to learn about nutrition!

Need help at the grocery store learning how to maneuver through the labels and healthy choices? Call on your local Registered Dietitian to guide you on a supermarket tour. For more information contact Brandi@ABCDEatRight.com

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  1. Brilliant idea. Sometimes it is good to let kids join in buying grocery, let them choose on what they want but at the same time guiding them on what they should choose and not.