Saturday, November 10, 2012

LOL Post...Day 10 in National Health Blog Post Month

We have 2 children, 6 year old Jackson and 3 year old Olivia. Jackson is in first grade and is discovering the world of, how should we say it, unhealthy snack foods. He wants what other children bring in their lunch boxes and has had a recent desire to buy school lunch (mainly for the Doritos or ice cream). Over the years I have tried to instill the importance of healthy habits and eating right, but he still gets excited about what other kids have and he has not had.
We started Cub Scouts with him this year as well as Soccer. During the Cub Scouts meeting the parents usually supply a snack. The snack choices are not what, as a Registered Dietitian, I would like to see at a meeting. Usually candy, fruit snacks and cookies. My son was constantly telling me that I did not have to bring "healthy snacks" when it was our turn to bring snacks. This made me laugh because I was starting to feel like the food police around our house. The first meeting that I attended with my son he was elated to find the snack as packaged fruit snacks and what he called "HICK" juice. Having never had Hi-C juice in his life and learning how to read by sounding out the word, I found this very humorous :) .

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