Thursday, December 6, 2012

What are you bringing to the classroom holiday party?

December is flying by and coming up are the exciting holiday parties to commence the holiday break. What will you bring to your child's holiday party? Here are some ideas to incorporate holiday colors with fruits, vegetables, protein and calcium without all the sugar, colors and additives. 

Christmas (Winter Festival) 
Work to include the traditional colors of the season: red, green and blue.

1. Blueberry, strawberry and spinach smoothie
2. Vegetable trays with cucumbers, broccoli, sugar snap peas, and tomatoes with a low fat veggie dressing
 3. Red and apple slices with flavored yogurt dip or nut butter and cream cheese spread on top
4. Dried or shelled edamame
5. Desert dessert (Graham cracker with a layer of nut butter topped with a floret of broccoli)
6.  Mini sandwiches cut out into cookie cutter shapes
7. Red and green grape kebabs
8. Trail mix (crackers, yogurt covered pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, dried cranberries, blueberries or strawberries, dried edamame)
9. Hummus dip with pita bread cut into shapes, broccoli and tomatoes for dipping (hummus can also be combined with cooked beets to add a red color)
10. Popcorn balls with dried strawberries.

For more ideas for the home party visit a recent article I wrote on!

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