Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen Summertime Challenge- 1 week- Share.Cook.Learn.Fun!

This week kicks off ABCD Eat Right and On A Nutrition Mission's first summertime Kids in the Kitchen challenge

I was sitting in my car thinking about all the ways I can entertain my kids for the summer. One of the things I am most concerned about is their constant migration to the refrigerator or pantry in times of boredom. So then I thought- Why not make it fun, try new things and get them cooking in the kitchen! And then I thought- Why not have friends and other children join in and make a fun challenge out of it! 

Here is how the challenge will work:
1. "Like" ABCD Eat Right's facebook page (click the link here).
2. Pick a recipe for either breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time. If you need some help choosing visit these sites for inspiration: Food Revolution DayWhole FoodsLunch Box BunchSuper Healthy KidsPinterest MyPlate Recipes,AllrecipesWeelicious.

3. Prepare the recipe (made up or printed on the web)- My son's newest invention has to deal with the Captain Underpants book series. Can't wait to see what he devises :) 

4. Take a picture

5Post the picture on ABCD Eat Right's Facebook page

6.Post as many times as you would like within the 5 day contest period. (June 24-28)

7. A panel of judges (mom's and kids) will choose the winner.

(Prizes include: kids cooking utensils, cookbooks, gift cards and more! )

Why should you participate?
 1. Seriously...It will be fun!
2. You will learn new recipe ideas
3. Your kids will get to "play" in the kitchen
4. You will win prizes!! 
5. Who doesn't love a good clean competition? 
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