Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Adventures in growing and gardening. Where do you grow from here?

Gardening is not only a way to grow food but also a way to nourish and grow little minds. I do not have the greenest thumb in the house, that title is left for my husband who loves to grow new plants. I love the idea of the garden and the end product, its the in between time where I loose patience. I have had many failed growing projects but I still keep trying.
This year I received a home planting system from my husband called AeroGarden. I have been able to grow 7 different kinds of herbs and they are amazing. This is the first time that I have been able to grow herbs and be successful at it and the family loves watching the little plants grow and prosper.

One of my favorite outings is to take the kids to a local community garden called PATCH garden located in Dania Beach, Florida. It is a great place for the kids to learn about how a community can work together to nourish itself.
Olivia is pointing out a baby tomato in the garden.

Here she is examining little seedlings.

Learning about where things grow can happen everywhere, in the home, community and even at school. Many schools are reaping the benefits of grants that provide the funding for raised beds, dirt and seeds. My son's school received a grant to plant 10 raised beds in which each grade will get at least one bed to plant their own garden which in turn will be used in math, science, reading and language lessons.

One last place to get inspired about gardening is the library. I recently checked out a book at the library called The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids- 101 ways to get Kids outside, Dirty and having fun by Whitney Cohen and Josh Fisher of Life Lab. This book was a wealth of beautiful ideas and pictures for an amazing garden and ideas for many afternoons filled with outdoor play and creativity. Someday I will have an amazing garden, maybe even with a slide entrance as page 32 depicts. Love that idea!
May you be inspired this year, indoors or outdoors to plant your own garden (big or small, in or outdoors) to teach your kids valuable life and creativity lessons.

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