Monday, February 3, 2014

Classroom Valentines Parties...Healthy & Heart-y

Here we are again...another fun classroom party that may be filled with artificial dyes, flavors, processed foods and did I mention SUGAR! Everybody loves red, pink and white for Valentines Day but why not choose some of these easy classroom party snack additions filled with healthy ingredients and subtracting out the unhealthy ingredients. Here are 10 ideas to make your Valentines Healthy and still "Heart-y"

1. Small sandwiches cut into hearts. Fill them with cheese, cream cheese or nut butter and jelly.

2. Strawberry milk (Buy organic milk boxes like Stoney Farms where there is not a lot of additional sugars added), or make your own. Paper straws add a great decoration to the already pink milk.
3.Dark or white chocolate covered strawberries. My daughter can't wait to help me make chocolate covered carrots this year. She thought that was a blast last year when we were experimenting with dipping fruits and vegetables.
4. Tomato salsa with baked chips or raw vegetables like cauliflower and red peppers for dipping.
5. Valentine Confetti Popcorn- Popcorn, dried strawberries, raisins and mini chocolate chips. What is a party without confetti? This confetti will fill the bellies with fiber and antioxidants.
6. Happy Trails are made by mixing together yogurt covered raisins or pretzels, dried cranberries, strawberries or tomatoes and mini-chocolate chips.
7. Layer strawberries and red grapes on a stick up cut out melons into heart shapes to make a festive Fruit kebab.  
8. Peeled blood oranges. I love the surprise on a child's face when they see a blood orange. It has an amazingly rich red color full of antioxidants and flavor.  
9. Consider X-ing out red velvet cake and cupcakes and substituting homemade Strawberry muffins for a healthier treat.
10. Cutie oranges. I can't get enough of these easy to peel handful of healthy treats.

Last year I sent these in with my son's valentines day cards. Not my original idea, I found it on Pinterest but LOVE it!!

Have a great Valentines Day and feed your loved ones with healthy treats that they will love! xoxo
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