Monday, September 1, 2014

Testing and the kitchen again with the kids cooking up pancakes and waffles!

The kids were motivated to try something new this morning and wanted to explore new breakfast ideas. I had a recipe that I wanted to try but they were not too keen on coconut so I let Jackson do his own thing with pancakes and Olivia and I worked on a new coconut banana waffle. 
The mess ensued but there was a lot of laughter and little minds working hard at measuring and planning what would go into the recipes. 
Jackson likes cinnamon and vanilla and although I felt it was too much, I let him add as much as he wanted and even try tasting vanilla. Vanilla smells much better than it tastes on its own and he quickly learned that :) 

The end product was awesome and the kids ate them up. 
Jackson named his: Pancakes (but must be said with a British accent) and Olivia's coconut banana waffles are gluten free and boosted with protein using a PB2 product. 

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