Thursday, October 16, 2014

Important snack tools to last throughout the year

This month I have been posting daily snack ideas for after school, sports and classrooms. Along the way, on my quest for healthy snacks, I was introduced to a really fun Popsicle maker and snack cup. Two products both made by a company called Fresh Baby.The So Easy Popsicle Maker and So Easy Snack Cup were easy to use, easy to clean and not to mention super cute in bright orange and green colors.
The So Easy Popsicle Maker and Snack Cup are Bisphenol-A (BPH) free and simple to use. The fact that the product is BPH free is a plus for me. BPH is currently being studied and may be linked to causing potential health effects on the brain and the behavior. The less chemicals I can expose my family to the better off I think they will be.

Making the pops was easy. The Popsicle maker stood up on its own and was an easy, non-spill fill and an easy seal with the pop on  lid.

We made our Popsicle from prepared smoothies that we purchased (to save some time). Normally I would blend up my favorite smoothie concoction but lately we have been on the go a little too much. We ended up making delicious Mango Madness and Green 
Goodness smoothies which were easily removed from the Popsicle maker (another plus because I hate fighting with the Popsicle maker to release the pops) and enjoyed a healthy after school snack! 

I had to seek out an adorable baby to test out the Fresh Baby So Easy Snack Cup. Thankfully my friend Kim has the cutest 20 month old in town, Natalie. Natalie loved the colors on the snack holder and easily reached for the snack inside. Kim commented that the snack cup was great because with her toddler being always on the go it was nice to see that snacks were kept in their place (instead of spilled all over the floor). 

Check out the So Easy Popsicle Maker and So Easy Snack Cup by clicking the words above. You will not be disappointed! 

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