Monday, November 10, 2014

Pretty Perky Pumpkins fruit or vegetable?

This time of year is filled with the orange, yellow and brown hues of Fall. I love pumpkins and all the fun recipes that can be made with the seeds and the flesh. I have highlighted a weeks worth of our favorite recipes to keep you thinking about ways to incorporate the fruity festive pumpkin!

1. Pumpkin Nut butter: Mix up pumpkin pureed, almond butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and salt. Serve with English muffins, whole grain crackers or bagels. For recipe details visit:

2. One of my favorite classic recipes is: Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo. I tried to find my 12+ year old recipe and sadly could not locate the weathered recipe sheet. Here is the closest recipe that I could find to my original favorite.

3. Pumpkin Waffles - Our kids love waffles and I am always tweaking the recipes to make them a little healthier. This recipe was made with the help of my son Jackson!

4. Sweet and Salty Pumpkin seeds. Easy to make and fun to eat! 

5. Chipotle pumpkin black bean soup. A delicious take on a fall favorite soup. 

6. Pumpkin brownies - I cheated a little bit and used a box mix to save time. Normally I would add applesauce instead of oil but today I was feeling festive and wanted to swap out for pumpkin puree! 

7. Pumpkin smoothie- From one of my favorite go-to spots for healthy recipes- Super Healthy Kids, has a great recipe for a pumpkin smoothie! For breakfast, snack or even dessert. 

Have a great pumpkin week! 
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