Sunday, March 1, 2015

Take a bite out of a healthy lifestyle! Happy 1st day of National Nutrition Month 2015

Whats the BEST way to take a bite out of a healthy lifestyle?

The best way to bite into a healthy lifestyle is to follow the recipe! 

Mix together the following bite

balanced ingredients:  
-A tablespoon of taste
-A drop of sweat 
-A pinch of passion

Tasty foods chosen in moderation and sprinkled with a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables makes every bite better. Sweat is the best seasoning of life and dropping 30 minutes of activity into a daily routine, will make a stronger and healthier body. Finally, finding the passion to reach a healthy lifestyle is the motivating ingredient to maintain balance in a healthy bite. You can do it so get moving! Follow us all this month for healthy tips, challenges, recipe and activity ideas to keep you and your family healthy! 

Happy National Nutrition Month 2015!

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