Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't get fooled...It's really a healthy dip recipe and fun classroom prank!

The first day of April has been recognized as the notorious day for jokes and pranks. This year I decided to have a little fun with the kids and try a new dip for an after school snack. Some of the ideas I got I read in Family Fun Magazine then I added a little twist of my own.

For a fun classroom joke to play on Olivia's teacher we gave her a plate of Brown "E's" and the Greek letter Pi. Hee Hee.

Then for an after school snack I made them a dip that I modified a little bit to look like raw cookie dough. I never let them eat raw cookie dough so they knew something was up but the joke was on them because not only was the dip delicious it was packed full of fiber and protein. The mystery ingredient was a can of chickpeas!

Click here for the recipe for a delicious and healthy dip! 

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