Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Survival #Nutritionandkids

At the beginning of the summer I always have high hopes of teaching my kids more about cooking and getting them involved in what they eat. I have visions of them eating healthy snacks everyday as I cheerfully teach them a lesson about nutrition or science. But in reality I still have to work and my patience is limited as the day goes on and as the summer progresses, I switch to more of a survival mode as to who will win, junk food or fruits and vegetables.

Here are some quick ideas that have saved our busy summer from completely slumping off into a dietary disaster.

1. With the plenitude of great produce during the summer it has been an easy task to cut and keep fruit available. I even added some to a skewer and froze them for an easy grab and go treat. 


2. We tried to "play with our food" more by doing food related science experiments. We made fresh whipped cream by agitating cream in a jar and dehydrated mangoes and pineapples to see what would happen when all of the water was taken out of the fruits. Both of these experiments took minimal prep and were easy to do. 

3. We tried to stay active everyday. Even with the really hot and humid temperatures we made sure that we had enough water to drink. 

4. When we ate out we tried to eat healthy! When we were taking a break from the rain at the beach we stopped at one of our local favorite places and they had the coolest "Greek Yogurt banana split" for breakfast. Topped with fresh fruit and nuts this Greek Yogurt made a healthy breakfast option for the kids. This is also easily created for a healthy and quick breakfast at home. 

With only 4 more weeks left of summer, I think I feel like I can continue to make it more healthy than not, which will make it more enjoyable for the kids and the adults! 
Have a great rest of the summer! 

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