Monday, August 29, 2011

Healthy Kids Snacks

This month I have been focusing on healthy snacks and packing a healthy lunch box. In the most recent Parents Magazine I ran across a recipe for Fruit Leather. I had memories of wrapping Fruit Roll-ups around my fingers and making fun shapes with my BFF Stephanie in Elementary School. Although we loved Fruit roll-ups as a kid, as a mom, I am more hesitant to buy the store bought ones for my kids. But making them at home...that's another story. I know exactly what goes into them: 4 cups of pureed berries and 2 tablespoons honey. Once I had this liquid mixture that, by the way, would also be tasty in a fruit smoothie, I laid down parchment paper on two  8x13 pans, preheated the oven to 200 degrees and slowly baked/dehydrated the fruit leathers for 4 hours. When it was done I cut up the fruit leather in strips and put them in the fridge. The kids enjoyed the healthy snack and it was super easy, albeit a bit time consuming on the cooking end. If you need a new way to present fruit to your kiddo try it out!

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