Friday, September 2, 2011

Sick Day Nutrition

As the school year starts, so does the school related colds.
This year I was hoping to be proactive and start Jackson off with a healthy breakfast and a day full of Vitamin C in hopes of building up his immune system and avoiding the tedious cold.
When I was a child my mom would push the Vitamin C vitamin tablets but as I turned into a mom I felt that eating foods that were rich in Vitamin C were even better than popping a vitamin tablet.
So we load up on apples, oranges, blueberries, melons and juices.
Jackson is getting more sleep due to the exhaustion that comes with an extended school day.
And we push the fluids: water, 100% juice and 2% milk.
We also talk about hand washing and sneezing into the elbow.

Still...the cycle of cold's has begun. First Jackson then Olivia then mom and dad.

A honey, lemon and water drink tops off our medicinal interventions and otherwise we just have to ride it out. What are some of your home remedies for colds?

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