Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bring a lunch or eat out?

Sometimes it is a tough call on what to do for lunch. I am guilty of eating out much more than I should, health wise and financially speaking. Here are a few reasons that may help convince you to eat lunch at home or bring a lunch box.

1. Healthy habits- Eating at home or packing a lunch helps you control what goes into your child's food. From salt to sugar to calories and fat. It's all under your control. In general eating out adds at least 25% more calories than cooking at home.
2. Family time- Planning a lunch, packing a lunch or enjoying a homemade lunch together helps a family bond. Packing a lunch box also provides a great opportunity to include something special like a quick note or stickers for your child.
3. Reduces temptation- Ordering extra food, desserts or empty calorie beverages can contribute to weight gain and poor eating habits.
4. A teaching opportunity- Tell your child that eating in the house is more important to your family for family time and general health issues.
5. Helping the planet- Reducing lunchtime waste by using reusable containers and tableware makes everyone, including Mother Nature happy.
6. Last but not least...saving money. Packing a lunch is far less expensive than eating out.

Since there are times when it just isn't feasible to make a lunch tell us where you go for lunch and what your healthy choices are.

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