Friday, August 5, 2011

Lunch box Memories

When I was growing up I use to bring my lunch to school almost every day. My daily lunchbox menu included: a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple and a sweet. Day in and day out this was my standby and I loved it. There were days that I would purchase my lunch from the cafeteria and almost every time I ate from the cafeteria I would get a bellyache. One day I can specifically remember passing a box that was in the cafeteria that, printed in typed black letters: Grade D but edible. Back then I did not know what that meant, but I did assume that it wasn't good. I don't know what was in that box and if it was something that I had eaten but later in life it has been a memory that I have not forgotten. People like Jamie Oliver and First Lady Michelle Obama are trying to make changes in the school districts so that children have an improved exposure to healthier food at schools. I hope to do the same in my kids schools. Do you have a memory, special lunchbox or recipe that was part of your school years?

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