Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not so scary food for Halloween

Spooky Nutritious Foods
Back in Black

Just because it is Halloween doesn't mean that all the food has to be bad for us. These spooky nutritious foods are bringing black back to the dinner table. These healthy additions to your festive party can add super rich antioxidants that may help decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Blackberries with maple syrup and lemon to top off whole grain pancakes.
Black (belluga) lentils- mix with rice, quinoa and mixed vegetables.
Black quinoa- combine with lentils, onion and cumin and form into a patty for a quick and hearty veggie burger.
Black radishes- Roasted with olive oil and sea salt.
Black rice- cook with coconut milk and toss with
pineapple after cooking for a delicious island
flavored side dish.
Black soybeans- serve as a side dish or mash them
up and serve in a whole wheat tortilla with cheese.
  These usually overlooked super foods may help you get into the Halloween spirit without the sugar laden guilt. Have a safe Halloween!

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