Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sugar Burn Parties

This could definitely be a new trend in parties. Sports, games that involve physical activity, healthy snacks and low sugar options. Who knew a party could be fun and healthy! This week our newsletter at ABCD Eat Right was written by Heidi Rhoades, founder of The Write Fit and Personal Trainer in South Florida. She writes about ideas that can be incorporated into your child's parties. Great ideas with sound results.

So this week's question is what have you done to make your child's party healthier?

I attempted to make my children's parties food color free this year. For our two year old I had a successful food color free party! I was very proud of myself and my dad's girlfriend Debbie who did 95% of the food preparation. I always have grand ideas when it comes to cakes and parties I just lack in the talent department :) with decorating.  With our five year old sons party I did not succeed in making it food color free. His theme was based on the Cars 2 Movie and I think I just got overwhelmed with the commercialism of it all. My mom did make a fabulous cake! What I did lack in the healthy nutrition department my husband made up with his construction of a kiddie car wash which was loads of fun and really got the kids moving!

Next year I will try again!

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