Friday, February 10, 2012

Delicious dinner- Still discussing the D's of nutrition!

We had to try out this delicious recipe we saw posted at

Chipotle black bean and shrimp quesadillas with edamame guacamole (click on the above link to go straight to the recipe)

Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

(Go to their blog to see the mouth watering pictures of the quesadillas!)

If you are looking for something new to try definitely check this recipe out. Not only was it delicious it was heart healthy as well. February is Heart Healthy Awareness Month and anything that we can do to bring awareness to heart disease prevention all the better!

Here are the highlights:

Black beans: Good for the soluble fiber they contain that helps to lower cholesterol.

Avocados: Good for the monounsaturated fat that helps to lower LDL "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides.

Edamame: A complete protein ( which means it contains all the essential fatty acids) , vitamin E, antioxidants and loads of fiber.

So try out this recipe (maybe on Valentines Day :) ) and follow the Prevention RD on their blog...Your heart will love you for it.

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