Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day and Kids...follow your heart!

What is considered a healthy candy? Why does there have to be so many chemicals, colorings and preservatives in our children's food?
To tell you the truth I am sick of it! When I find my children excreting green poop because of a blue cupcake they ingested, it seriously bothers me. I guess I should be happy that they are in effect excreting the blue coloring but really! Gross!

Here are a few candies and foods that I found that do not have all of the colorings, chemicals and preservatives that mainstream candy has.

Cascadian Farm's Granola- great treat without extra "bad" stuff 
Yogurt covered raisins and dried cranberries =  <3
Whole Foods Dark Chocolate (rich in antioxidants without all of the fillers)
Yummy Earth Lollipops= Delicious!
Let's Do Organic Fruiti Bears- Made from real fruit juice (what a concept!)

What are some of your healthy choices that you
allow your kids this time of year?

Have a wonderful day of love and thanks for reading!


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  1. One decent option I found is the sesame candies you get at Whole Foods as well as middle eastern grocery stores -- they are just sesame seeds densely packed in a crusty syrup. They have a lot of sugar but on the up side 1) there are only 2 ingredients, both natural; 2) one of the ingredients is sesame seeds, and a lot of them.