Sunday, February 19, 2012

New or old food for kids? Einkorn and Emmer

Did you know that the wheat that we eat these days is not the same wheat as what was eaten even 60 years ago? During the 1920's genetic manipulation was performed on wheat by American scientists looking for an answer to the problem of starvation and famine. Through the years they developed a grain that grew faster and was more resistant to pests and changes in climate. Although noble in efforts, this change in wheat has had an impact on food production and human body shape. We consume loads of this genetically modified wheat without giving it a second thought.

Einkorn and Emmer are the "ancient" forms of wheat. This form of wheat has a different chromosomal composition. Einkorn can be found in certain pastas and baked goods which we found at stores such as Whole Foods. We did not have the issues with childhood and adult obesity so many years ago. There are many contributing factors that have changed throughout the years but wheat has been a relatively new piece of the dynamic obesity puzzle. If you are interested in ancient grains I highly encourage you to try them. It can't hurt! And what if it actually helps?

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