Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun Festival Food for Kids

This past weekend we spent time at the Palm Beach International Boat Show and had a blast as my husband filmed a pilot for a TV show, people watching, looking at amazing yachts, attending a fishing clinic with our son and having custom made Tom's made for our daughter. Love that charity!

The thing that always gets me at festivals and outdoor events such as this is the food. This is not a typical place that you would find healthy food but I decided to do a little research. My son loves Arepas. If you are not familiar with an arepa they are the South American version of a grilled cheese. They are gluten free because they are made from corn meal and the cheese is typically a Mexican type "queso". They are also grilled. Between the pizza, burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken, Arepas are worth trying because they are a little healthier than the typical fare.

If you don't have a festival coming up in your area, consider making Arepas at home. It is a fun and easy way to change things up on the kiddie menu. A recipe that I found to make these yummy and kid friendly treats can be found on the website: My Recipes

For a quick (not perfect) recipe resembling an Arepa take 2 corn tortillas and place a Colby jack or mozzarella cheese in between. Heat pan and brown on each side until cheese is melted.

Arepas are likely a healthier choice when attending these festivals. There are also other healthy choices such as fruit smoothies and of course bringing your own snacks and drinks!

This week is the last week of National Nutrition Month. One more week of visual snack attack. If you do not have our free weekly newsletter sign up today!


  1. I haven't heard of Arepas before but they certainly look yummy and I will be giving them a try. Thanks for sharing!