Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who is the most important influence for a healthy kid?

During this amazing month of March I have met hundreds of healthy kids! I taught a weekly class that was visited by preschool to early elementary level kids, spoke to an entire elementary (about 900 people), had a Q&A session with a set of local preschool parents, manned a booth at the local green market, visited all the third graders at my son's school (about 160 kids), spoke at a local mostly Spanish and creole speaking community center, had a press release published in a local newspaper and visited the local Florida Atlantic University. 

What did all of these places have in common?  I saw first hand what the role of everyone in a community has on feeding children. From the University students that may have just gotten through their teenage years and may some day choose to have children to the teachers in the elementary school, to the very concerned parents in the local preschool and foreign speaking community center. This role as the leader, educator and listener all packaged in multiple different bodies. Everyone has a role to play but the main role is a positive and healthy influence!

What each person chooses to place in their mouth every day will profoundly effect their future health. Each child that they have contact with will also be effected (directly and indirectly) by what each person chooses to eat.

Choosing a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy, less processed and chemically laden foods, more organic or local products and less added sugar will enhance the quality of all people involved.

Whether it is a teacher, parent, school aged child, preschooler, grandparent, friend, aunt or uncle, cousin, teenager or 20-something every single age group has their role as a leader in the realm of nutrition.
Think about who you influence and what you can do as an adult to make your diet better! Your body and a child's body will thank you .

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