Sunday, March 11, 2012

Healthy kids cooking in the kitch

How can cooking in the kitchen help kids become healthy? Most parents shutter at the idea of having the little one in tow as they hectically prepare for a meal. The kitchen can be a dangerous place for kids but as long as safety is the first rule at hand, everyone can have fun and learn at the same time.

We have general rules in our kitchen which were set up for safety. For instance the knives are stored in the cabinet and not in a drawer or on the counter top, they must stand at least 2 feet back when I open the oven door and they have to have their listening ears on at all times when they are helping us.

The joys of listening to our daughter laugh when she helps daddy crack eggs for breakfast or when our son counts off vegetables outweighs the massive mess!

Today I look forward to the kids helping me make a special Tres Leches birthday cake for my husband. I know they will have fun making the cake and learning about how to be safe in the kitchen as well as all the valuable measuring, reading, counting and comparing lessons they will learn are priceless!

What will you cook with your kids today?

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