Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springing into spring with healthy kids

What does Spring mean to you? To me it means better weather, longer evenings and healthy, fresher food. It is also a time for me to reflect on how the year is going. And a great time to spring clean! The kitchen is the first place that I start my spring cleaning/reorganizing. I usually clean out the pantry twice a year and this year is no different. Every time I clean the pantry out I ponder over whether or not I should throw away food that I will never use.  I hate to waste food. There is just something inside of me that does not like to be wasteful,  but sometimes it must be done. Food will not keep forever. I look at this de-cluttering time as a time that may open up new waves of creativity in the kitchen.

This Spring my focus is to rid our pantry of processed food. I am slowly considering the transition to a wheat free kitchen after reading a book pertaining to the modification of wheat. I am not 100% sold on the idea so this is a lingering thought. I will still maintain a consistent flow of oatmeal, quinoa, rice, corn and potato products through our house so I feel our carbohydrates will be met but the concept that wheat has been genetically modified that its present form could actually be hurting my family is definitely bothering me.

As I clean out the pantry I reexamine the lower shelves that the kids have access to and determine that there is a decent balance of nuts, dried fruits, granola bars, raisins and pirate booty. Enough to complement the fruit drawer and shelf with yogurt and milk in the refrigerator.

My pantry does not look too bad this time around. I am sure that there is always room for improvement but I am pretty satisfied and now, since I have done a brief nutritional assessment update on our family it is time to move to the next room in the house!

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