Friday, March 16, 2012

Help promote healthy nutrition for kids- one pledge at a time.

I wanted to share with you a campaign to help kids eat healthier and be healthier by making one simple pledge each week.
We know that the majority of children don't eat enough nutritious foods to help them develop strong and healthy bodies. Today, over 85% of children are deficient in at least one or more key nutrients.
I am joining the Chef Solus March to National Nutrition Month by making a pledge to help children make healthier
choices each week.
Each week gives a new pledge, one simple goal to focus on to help children eat healthier and some tips to help you get started. It literally takes less then one minute
to show your support.
All pledges are entered into a weekly drawing for cool prizes that promote health (valued at $30-50).

It will only take you a a minute of your time so please support this important cause. Our children are counting on you! You can make your weekly pledge to help kids by clicking here. Please join me and make your pledge for healthy children.

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