Sunday, April 8, 2012

Best Conversation I had this week

I am a mom of two young children (Jackson age 5 and Olivia age 2). This year we once again attempted to naturally dye our Easter Eggs. This conversation is a blend of 2 different ones that I had this week.

Me: We are going to dye Easter Eggs naturally again this year.
Husband: (Slight laugh) Every year you try this and it doesn't work.
Me: Well I am trying it again this year and this year it will work, I think I know why it hasn't worked in the past.

Jackson: Mom when are we going to dye Easter eggs?
Me: This afternoon when you get home from school. I still have to boil the red cabbage, beets and blueberries.
Jackson: Why do we have to do everything "healthy"?
Me: Because Mommy is a Dietitian and I want what is best for you guys.I want to keep you strong and healthy and teach you about natural chemical free ways to accomplish something.

In my head I remember a story that my grandma told many years ago about how she always made homemade cookies (this was back in the 1950's) and her kids always complained that they wanted the store bought cookies.

Jackson: Mom these eggs look great. The beets turned out the best!

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