Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holiday parties and sugar high's...keeping kids healthy

In most schools celebrating the holidays with a classroom party is common. Although some kids may not celebrate Easter many may celebrate Passover or other holidays and a general Spring party is usually provided. I like to see parties that don't have the normal fare of sugar laden, color entrenched, preservative rich foods. I know I have been on the rampage recently with all of the sugar stuff but I really want to continue to educate parents and schools about the high content of these unnecessary ingredients. 
For this years Spring party consider some of these ideas for special treats instead of all of the candy and sweets:

1. Colored hard boiled eggs (use natural dyes such as beet or cranberry concentrates and water used for boiling spinach)

2. Deviled eggs with funny faces using olives

3. Healthier dirt cake (banana pudding or vanilla yogurt with graham cracker crumbs on top and fruit twists (worms) coming out of the crumbs)

4. Assorted cheese cubes, crackers and fruit tray

5. Hummus with carrots (can be arranged in mini Terra cotta pots)

6. Popcorn balls or plain popcorn- low fat no butter popcorn

7. Rainbow fruit kebabs (cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, strawberries)

8. Small rice cakes topped with guacamole and yogurt covered raisins

And for those filled Easter eggs consider using the following instead of candy: Stickers, erasers, bouncy balls, playdoh, sidewalk chalk, coupons for special tasks and money.  

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