Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 12...Stream of Consciousness...

So tonight Jamie Oliver and Food Revolution Day (May 19th) is on my mind. I have been chosen as an ambassador for my town of Boca Raton. I did not realize the extent of responsibility that this position would hold. Of course it is in only a volunteer commitment but I don't just commit and plan to fail. I want to make everyone aware of "real food" and the importance of nutrition education for our children. It is what I do anyways and to have a celebrity chef back the cause is amazing. He will garner much more support than I could ever imagine. So May 19th...tick tock tick tock. Time is vastly approaching and I have reached out to 10 plus community members without a commitment for a venue yet. I envision an area full of vendors including local green markets, farmers, schools, community gardens, restaurants and grocery stores that all support the effort in turn being able to promote their wares and educate the population. Everyone is positive about the event but I just don't have any commitment's yet. Tomorrow is a new day and I will hit the pavement running in order to garner support for this amazing day. Wish me luck! I better get some rest. Good night :)

To follow the events for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day "like" our facebook page and we will keep you posted.

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