Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nutritious Nibbles Theme Song

I am likely the least musically inclined person in our family but here it goes....

Imagine Bob Marley's "Don't Worry" song as the background...

Don't Worry, about a thing, as long as you choose wisely, everything you eat is gonna be alright

Rise up in the morning, Start your day off the best way it can be now with oats and whole grains, its gonna be alright.
Make sure and eat your banana or strawberries, every little thing you eat is gonna be alright.
Choose lean meats and skip the fryer too. Every little thing should be naturally green or blue.

Don't worry, about a thing, everything you eat is gonna be alright.

Go to school and eat a wholesome lunch, fight for real food not fruit punch!

Listen to your gym coach and do an extra push up because everything you do is gonna be alright.

No preservatives or colors Alright! Don't forget your organic or support your local growers as much as possible.

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