Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17- Learned the hard way

What lesson did you learn the hard way?

It's hard to tell which lesson I have learned the hard way. When I think about this topic I think about situations that are more traumatic and harmful. To me learning a lesson could be harsh and difficult to overcome. When I reflect on my past I have had a very good life. I grew up in a family that loved me. I was surrounded by a few close friends who I remain in contact with today. I found a career path I enjoy. I have a loving husband that works really hard to provide a nice life for all of us. I get to work some days out of the house but mostly I consider myself a stay at home mom. My kids are healthy and nourished and loved.
If there is a lesson to learn, or something I wish I could do over it would be a personal vanity type situation. I have large sun spots on my face and therefore I regret sun bathing as a tween to late twenties. All of those years of compiled sun damage is not doing me any favors in my late thirties. Now I worry about cancer, having worked at a prestigious cancer institute in Houston, Texas has made me worry that all that damage could lead to something worse in the future.
Maybe I will come up with something more intense later but for now I hope I don't have any lessons to learn, especially the hard way :( .

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