Monday, April 16, 2012

Pinterest Board- What would you pin for nutrition?

I love Pinterest. It is complete eye candy and overwhelming with awesome ideas. I created a board for my company, ABCD Eat Right, a few weeks ago and here is what I have on it:

These are the recipe boxes I have created for healthy recipes for kids. Each box contains 3 slip pocket magnets, 25 dinner recipe cards, 8 lunch box ideas and 8 breakfast ideas. Kid friendly recipes that can be posted on the refrigerator for the whole family to see.

Healthy snack photo shoot with

For National Nutrition Month I did a weekly photo series about healthy snacks for kids. These photos were done at my husbands studio
This picture represents healthy snacks that kids can eat on the go.

This photo was taken by to photo a logo for our nutrition company for kids.

This is another photo done in my husband's studio of our two year old daughter Olivia. It is so sweet yet serious. It won an award on a photo site and it is one of those pictures I could look at forever.

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