Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If looks could Kale

Sometimes presenting foods to kids can be a little rough, especially when the food is not the most visually appealing. Kale for instance looks like a small bush. Before kale is cooked it can be a dusty green color and way too big for tiny mouths to eat without trimming down. But once kale is cooked it is transformed into an amazing bright green beautiful healthy addition to the diet.

Visually, kale can perk up but then bitterness hits the tongue and this is the second road block on the road to healthy eating. Kale is considered a cruciferous vegetable along with broccoli. Most kids like to look at the little trees of broccoli but despise the bitter taste.

The good news is that there is hope. The Journal of  the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggested that although these antioxidant rich foods are bitter they may be more receptive if they have a dip to go along with it.

Dip you say? And eat them they may? It is worth a try!

Vegetarian times recently published three recipes to encourage dipping. The three recipes included: Almond-miso dip, Creamy white and green speckle dip, and Butter bean green dip.
My favorite would have to be Almond-miso dip in which you dissolve 1/4 cup plus 2 Tablespoons white miso paste in 1/2 cup warm apple juice. Mix thoroughly with 1/2 cup smooth almond butter adding more warm apple juice if needed. This recipe was created by Vegetarian Times executive chef Ann Gentry author of Vegan Family Meals. To get the other recipes click the link above and search their site for some great ideas.

For other dip ideas try some old favorite like Ranch dip, hummus, salsa, applesauce (why not?) or even a queso (cheese dip).

Don't forget that it may take up to 10 times before a child likes a new food. Be patient and try new things.

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  1. Thank you! I work with moms and pediatrics and value any tips to help them better accept veggies.