Thursday, May 3, 2012

True or false: Pasta is from animals and yogurt is from plants.

Twenty percent of Australian children think that the above question is correct. Sad but true. Most kids, around the world, only receive 3.4 hours of food education a year. Although people understand that nutrition is important they seldom practice what they preach and when it comes to educating children about nutrition, the topic is usually dismissed as something they will learn in school or when they get older. The underlying issue with minimal nutrition education is that 42 million children under the age of 5 are obese. Two million people around the world die of diseases that are linked to being overweight or obese. The numbers are staggering. Nutrition education is at the heart of change. Encouraging people to get back to basics, cook their own foods, teach their children about making healthy choices will empower them to make simple healthy changes in their diets and their children’s diets. 

The term “real food” is all the rage these days. Real food is food that is not processed, food that is in its original form. Think of it as food that you would typically find on the outer perimeter of a grocery store. When you pick up real food you can name it with 1 or 2 words such as: chicken, turkey, beef, apples, cheese, milk, bananas, mangoes, sweet peas, corn, spinach, rice, beans, quinoa, seeds and yogurt.

If any of these facts make you mad, sad or highly motivated to make changes I encourage you to get involved! Food Revolution Day is May 19 and there are events all over the world that will be promoting the importance of food education. Visit Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day website at Watch Jamie’s video on the about the day page, look up a local event, register your child’s school and/or donate to the foundation.

On a personal note, Food Revolution Day is consuming my family these days.  I recently became the Ambassador of Boca Raton for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. I am more than excited yet also working crazy hard to figure out how I am going to educate my town about real eating. I have lined up a few events at farmers markets and green markets. I have met tons of new people in the community who are willing to help out with cooking demonstrations and kids activities. My hope in all of this promotion of Food Revolution Day is to spread the word about nutrition education and raise a little money to support the cause. If you are in South Florida stop by Ellenville’s green market May 17 and Bedners Farmers Market May 19. I will also be visiting Hammock Pointe Elementary kindergarten and fifth grade classes during the same week. Stop by, say hi, or leave me a comment below about your real food experience. One story or one activist could make a major change in a child’s life!  

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